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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Exploration of Blogs

I loved creating my blog using Blogger it was very easy and fun to create. I enjoyed the options to be artistic with the design of the blog it’s colors, theme, and gadgets allowed me to express my personality through my blog which I feel is important.  I have several ideas for how I will use blogs with my students. For the display and discussion of student artworks. Art extension activities and to meet NAEA (National Art Education Association) standards of Art Criticism, Art History, and Aesthetics. In art education one of our standards is Art Criticism; which is teaching students how to look at art and respond to the artwork regarding what they see, how it makes them feel and what artistic elements and principals of design were used to create the artwork. I will use blogging to create an art criticism activity that will show examples of works of art, artists, and videos of their work to engage the students in a meaningful reflection of their response to that particular artwork of body of work of a particular artist. This type of blogging experience would incorporate the NETS Students standards 2.Communication and Collaboration, a, b, and c  and 6.Technology Operations and Concepts, a, c, and d.   I also would like to create a blog that has activities, which allow for the differentiation of learning styles through interactive blogging activities. I feel the greatest challenge teachers and districts face is availability of resources for technology and also having enough bandwidth to support students blogging and watching videos of art like I desire. I have this problem currently where YouTube just spools and the students can’t watch the video about the artist I have chosen.

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