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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Power of Podcasting

I really enjoyed seeing all of the available resources and apps for podcasting. There are so many available that it makes it easier than it was a few years back when I first tried to make one and it seemed overwhelming to me. Since I have a Mac I created my podcast in Garageband which was effortless and really quick. I have used audacity before and feel it has a greater learning curve. Garageband makes it easy to add images in from i-photo as well.

Podcasts in the classroom can be used as a teaching tool to engage the students at the beginning of a lesson and motivate them to learn more. They can also be a great way for students to collaborate and make their own podcasts showing the knowledge they have gained, what a great assessment tool for auditory learners. I feel students would jump at the chance to create a podcast book report or presentation over a written on any day of the week. Creating  and teaching with podcasts incorporate the following NETS standards:

My Podcast about the artist Chagall     

Listen to this episode

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