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As an educator I have discovered the wonderful potential Web 2.0 Tools have to empower student learning. This blog is a place to discuss and share strategies and discoveries that assist educators in their goal of educating each learner to their fullest potential while creating a curriculum which is rich, diverse, and engaging for students. Join me in my quest to get and keep students excited about a lifetime of learning.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exploring and Creating Wikis

Exploring the vast amount of wikis and wiki resources on the web gives one an endless supply of ideas and classroom applications. Wikis offer the best  Web 2.0 tool for collaboration. Collaboration of research, ideas, resources, and ideas or interests by many individuals, groups, or classes is easily achieved by creating  a wiki. Home room teachers can create a classroom news Wiki to encourage students to collaborate on what they are learning or working on in class. The first Wiki I created was based on a famous artist, the idea being to put up some information myself and have the students get involved in adding additional information to create and in depth look at the artist life, art and body of work. The next Wiki I created is a "Learn to Draw" wiki. I always have students finishing art projects at various times and I want them to continue learning independently while I help the rest of the class finish. I have a center in my room for them to use learn to draw books independently. So I though what a great idea for a Wiki. They can use the resources and also post new ideas, resources, and videos to use as a self-guided practice if they finish a lesson prior to their peers. The Wiki I created incorporates the NETS standard of having students use technology effectively and productively as well as encouraging students to communicate and collaborate using a great Web 2.0 tool.


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