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As an educator I have discovered the wonderful potential Web 2.0 Tools have to empower student learning. This blog is a place to discuss and share strategies and discoveries that assist educators in their goal of educating each learner to their fullest potential while creating a curriculum which is rich, diverse, and engaging for students. Join me in my quest to get and keep students excited about a lifetime of learning.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

How Blogging Can Enrich Learning

Blogging can enrich learning by putting the learners in a more constructivist type of learning environment. Students can discover knowledge and opinions about the information they are seeking to acquire. Blogging creates a two way street for the taking and imparting of knowledge. I fell students value the opinions of others especially their peers and like reading what others have said regarding a common subject.

The following is a list of links with ideas of how to incorporate blogging into your curriculum.

Blogging 101

Blogs in Education

Web 2.0 in the Classroom

Educational Value of Blogs in Classrooms

Discovery Education

Blogging in the Classroom

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